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We are a storytelling lab passionate about real narratives and characters. Producing documentaries and series for all types of media is our specialty. 



Oktopus Films consists of award-winning filmmakers, photographers and journalists with more than 15 years of experience. Stunning images, captivating stories and poetic portraits around the globe, from snow-capped mountains to the remote desert.



Director | Screenwriter

Documentary filmmaker, postgraduate in Journalism by the University of Navarra, Spain. Before becoming an independent content creator, spent more than 15 years directing special programs and documentaries for major TV Stations in Brazil. He's been in a dozen places such as Egypt, Israel, Germany, Mexico, Chile, UK and Netherlands. Also ran crews during the coverages of Haiti Civil War in 2007 and 2008 EuroCup in Austria, besides directing documentaries on Brazilian themes. Dilago has three Esso Award Nominations as director, the most important annual award in Brazil, highlighting his investigation on illegal mining in the north of the country and coal mines in the south. In 2018, co-directed and scripted the short film Futaleufu - a River Calling, official selection of RIFF Festival in Italy.



Director of Photography

Markus Bruno is an award-winning photography director and cinematographer. In 2004, he founded the independent production company Baboon Films, where he produced over 140 documentaries and special reports in partnership with major organizations and media channels like HBO Brazil, Rede Record, CPFL Cultura, TV Brazil, Rede Globo, Itaú Cultural, MTV Brazil, UNICEF, ESPN, RYOT News and Huffington Post. He has received more than 15 awards from the country’s most respected institutions such as the Vladimir Herzog Awards for Amnesty and Human Rights, ESSO Award, Libero Badaró, CNT Journalism Award, Camelia da Liberdade, among others. Covered the Afghanistan conflict with the american army, revealed child trafficking in Cambodia and for a year, crossed the African continent shooting an award winning series of 32 episodes: Nova Africa. Organic images with natural movements that emulate the human eye in an elegant way are his signature. Co-director and director of photography of FUTALEUFU - a river calling, doc selected by the 2018 Italian Film Festival RIFF.



Filmmaker | Photographer

Documentary filmmaker and photographer. For nearly a decade, produced and photographed over 20 documentaries around the world for major TV stations with award-winning company Baboon Films. Spent a month in Mongolia filming the lives of Nomads. Denounced slave labor in the silver mines of Potosi, in Bolivia, which was a finalist for the ESSO Journalism Award in 2012 and received two honorable mentions: one at the ANAMATRA Human Rights Award and another for the photograph “Silver Widows” at the Latin American Photography Award. Revealed child sacrifices for black magic rituals in Uganda, also a finalist for ESSO Award. Her photographs transit between the investigative and the poetic perspective creating the documental narrative. Having served clients such as Bloomberg and Deutsche Presse, she is also co-director and executive producer of FUTALEUFU – a river calling, documentary selected for the 2018 Italian Film Festival RIFF.



Production Director | Interviewer

Journalist with a Master's Degree in Politics and International Relations, is specialized in making great interviews, building trust with characters. She's been working on major TV Stations as a reporter and producer for almost two decades, taking part on important coverages like the landslides in Rio de Janeiro, the Realengo school shooter and the 2013 political protests in Sao Paulo. Travelled the country producing documentaries in places such as the Amazon forest and worked on investigative reports that made her a specialist in researching and reporting delicate subjects. She also participates in volunteer work in organizations that support and promote the integration of refugees in Brazil and has a bachelor degree in music with a piano qualification.

Oktopus is an accomplice to the truth behind every story. Veracity, ethics and the respect for its characters and their dramas are non-negotiable. We believe in fairness to what is real.


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